Information for Job: Assistant Teacher (0-3 or 3-5)

Job Title: Assistant Teacher (0-3 or 3-5)
Job Description:

REPORTS TO:              Teacher and Education Specialist



Statement of the job: In conjunction with the teacher, assist in the classroom by providing individualized attention to the children to enhance their learning and development. A teacher assistant will contribute as a part of the teaching team to plan and implement curriculum and assessment. A teacher assistant will also assist in establishing and maintaining an appropriate learning environment, with attention to standards of health, safety, organization, and aesthetics. A teacher assistant will contribute to professionalism and teamwork within the teaching team and the agency, and will develop and maintain supportive, professional relationships with children and their families to enhance parent education, communication, involvement and advocacy.


Duties of the job:

I. Curriculum (1304.21)

  • Provide input and assistance to the teaching team in developing weekly lesson plans based on the Curriculum Plan and Performance Standards.
  • Assist daily in providing learning experiences to children.

II. Assessment (1304.21)

  • Become familiar with and participate in OnlineCOR and the High Scope Curriculum Plan.
  • Observe and document children's learning and development on an ongoing and consistent basis.
  • With the teaching team, discuss observations and interpretations of children’s activities. Contribute to planning of learning experiences.
  • Actively participate in determining levels of children’s learning and development throughout the year using OnlineCOR.

III. Adult/Child Interactions (1304.21)

  • Supervise and actively engage with children at all times.
  • Interact with children, providing positive role models and guidance.
  • Establish and maintain respectful, responsive relationships with children.
  • Assist children with their daily routines.
  • When working with infants and toddlers, act as primary caregiver to a number of children.

IV.  Environment (1304.21, 1304.22, 1304.53)

  • Assist in preparing the physical environment assuring that planned activities can occur effectively.
  • Maintain (or report needed maintenance of), indoor and outdoor classroom materials and equipment assuring that they are available and in proper working order at all times.
  • Assist in ensuring that site-appropriate health, safety and sanitation guidelines are followed.

V. Professional Development (1304.51, 1304.52)

  • Maintain certification and stay current with all requirements for Infant/Child CPR and First Aid.
  • Participate in all required training and attend a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education/professional development annually.
  • Attend and participate in team, site and other required meetings.
  • Assume the responsibilities of the teacher when the teacher is absent.
  • Participate in and provide input toward achieving an effective teaching team.                             
  • Maintain documentation of personal training and professional development activities in which you participate.
  • Incorporate information from training and guidance from teachers into practice to improve performance.

VI. Family Involvement and Support (1304.21, 1304.40,1304.50, 1304.51, 1304.52)

  • When possible, participate in parent/teacher conferences.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding children and families.
  • Engage in professional communications with families and appropriate staff to ensure support is provided to children and families.
  • Attend and participate in assigned family activities (e.g. mini-school nights).

VII. Other duties

  • Contribute to curriculum and assessment, as measured by team meetings notes, Lesson Plan Review, and OnlineCOR.
  • Participate in classroom team teaching meetings as evidenced by meeting notes. Meet continuing education requirements as measured by transcripts, training records and certificates maintained by employee.
  • Participates in parent/teacher conferences as evidenced by signatures on parent/teacher conference forms.
  • Observe and document children's learning and development on an ongoing and consistent basis.
  • Assure physical environment is prepared and maintained as documented by weekly sanitation guidelines checklist.
  • Participate in and provide input toward achieving effective team teaching as evidenced by coaching documentation.
  • Follow through with guidance and action plans developed for improved performance as evidenced by classroom observation documents.
  • Other duties as assigned

Required qualifications:  Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or related field required (Bachelors preferred).  One year experience working in a licensed classroom required. (Ages 0-3 for Infant/Toddler Rooms; Ages 3-5 for Preschool Rooms) 3-5 years experience working in a licensed classroom, preferred.


Head Start of Shawnee Mission - USD 512

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Job Start Date: January-25-2013
Applications Due By: March-22-2013
Job Categories:
  • Early Childhood
Job Regions:
  • KansasCityMetro
  • Statewide

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Employer Name & Website: Head Start of Shawnee Mission -
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Employer Address: 8155 Santa Fe Drive

Overland Park, Kansas

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