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Job Title: Jobs for America`s Graduates Specialist
Job Description:

The Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K) Specialist takes personal responsibility for ensuring that 35-50 high school students who are at risk of dropping out of school and/or failing to successfully transition into the workplace achieve expected outcomes, including graduation and placement into postsecondary education, the workforce and/or the military.  To achieve the expected outcomes, the Specialist will provide targeted youth with employability and life survival skills through classroom instruction of core competencies, guidance/counseling, academic remediation, work-based learning experiences, summer activities, post-secondary, and career advisement and provides a twelve-month follow up period following graduation. This position is a full-time, year-round position dedicated 100 percent to the implementation of the JAG model.


Students that are targeted for classroom participation, will be those deemed to have a high degree of difficulty in being promoted to the next grade, achieving a successful transition in high school, unclear about high school graduation, post secondary planning, careers and/or making a successful transition from school to future opportunities. 


The goals are:


  • Assure JAG-K students are moving through the JAG-K system and receiving supports to graduate from high school and move into post-secondary education, career and/or military.
  • Create a sustainable system of supports throughout the local community for students through graduation and one year of follow-up.
  • Assure high levels of accountability for student success and services provided to all students through the eNDMS data management system.
  • To achieve expected state and national performance outcomes by providing students with the following opportunities: employability skills, guidance/counseling, academic remediation, career and post secondary planning, and a twelve-month follow up period.


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                                                      


  • Establishes a positive and on-going supportive relationship with students, families, school principal, school administrators and faculty to support students in the JAG-K program.


  • Collaborates with school counselors, advisors, community resources, and teachers to implement the JAG-K curriculum and to consistently build support for academic success, career exploration, goal setting, leadership development, college planning, personal counseling, either directly or through linkages in the community to assist in overcoming barriers to graduation and/or success in the workplace.


  • Analyzes student data and barriers and confers with school administration to identify and develop a pool of qualified students in need of intensive academic support such as tutoring, extended learning, mentoring, and counseling.  Students with multiple barriers to success will be candidates for the JAG-K class.


  • Deliver the JAG-K curriculum for the targeted 35-50 students; ensure they receive competency in the 37 core competencies through classroom instruction, in a variety of ways including Project Based Learning, as well as 87 total competencies.


  • Administer testing including pre-/post-tests to students in the JAG-K classroom and document results in the data management system (ENDMS).


  • Monitor basic skills improvements: provides academic support and remediation including; access to tutoring, study skills, credit recovery to shows gains as students progress towards graduation.


  • Develop, implement and update monthly individualized development plan (IDP) with all students on the program roster.


  • Monitors the attendance, credits needed for graduation, college prep course selection, enrollment in AP and dual credit courses.


  • Serves as a student advocate when collaborating with school staff in developing intervention plans for struggling students and assists in implementing/referring interventions as appropriate.


  • Advocates for the program and create an employer marketing plan to develop a pool of effective community support resources by working with employers, parents, civic groups, and community leaders to build awareness of and support for this unique program; develop service learning projects, create a pool of classroom speakers, participate in public relations activities, attend meetings and speak to community groups.


  • Conducts parent/family outreach and education activities to the JAG-K students to strengthen family/school partnerships and facilitate career exploration, college selection and financial planning.


  • Build appreciation for teamwork among students, sense of belonging and commitment to service learning among JAG-K students by organizing and serving as advisor to the Career Association; create opportunities through hands-on activities, guest speakers and workshops; and organize civic and social development opportunities.


  • Collaborates in supporting a smooth transition into new grade levels; partners closely with school and other JAG-K personnel to support students continue to participate in high school JAG-K classrooms as appropriate.


  • Provide supportive services to program participants for 12-month period after high school graduation to ensure successful transition to postsecondary education, employment and/or military. If students are non graduates, specialists will provide support services to these students to ensure attainment of diploma or GED during the follow up period. Employers and/or post secondary advisors are to be contacted 6 months out of the 12 month follow up period to ensure accuracy of data and continued students support.


  • Complies with all documentation requirements from JAG-K in a timely fashion including student contacts and activities, employer and community organization contacts, and other groups; develop and maintain a well-organized filing and retrieval system for the JAG-K class.  Utilizes eNDMS for developing the student roster for the classroom.


  • Provides opportunities for student activity and engagement throughout the summer, documenting activities in ENDMS.


  • Participates in staff, regional, and state-wide meetings, and staff development activities   within the building and district as appropriate.


OTHER JOB FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                                              


  • Perform various school-related functions such as lunch duty; work closely with the school administrator to limit non-JAG Model assignments.


  • Connect the full cohort of students to and/or organize and lead field trips to higher education institutions, business and industry, and other community-based activities and events.


  • Complete special projects and duties as assigned.




At a minimum, JAG-K Specialist must have a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree is preferred. In addition, the JAG-K Specialist shall have:


  • Current Teaching License.  Equivalent combination of training, education, and experience may be considered.  


  • Experience in Secondary and/or Post-Secondary education settings.


  • Skills in human relations, leadership, supervision, and motivational techniques.


  • Ability and interest to work 12 months per year.


  • Ability to work independently while managing multiple priorities.


  • Ability to establish appropriate boundaries while developing and nurturing supportive relationships with students.


  • Ability to educate a variety of constituencies and interested parties about the program by developing ongoing relationships and making formal presentations.


  • Ability to develop curriculum, projects and/or other educational opportunities consistent with the goals of the JAG-K.


  • Working knowledge of basic computer applications such as word processing, Excel, and electronic data tracking, using the JAG-K Internet-based Electronic National Data Management System (eNDMS).


Liberal USD 480

Liberal USD 480

Liberal USD 480

Job Salary (if available):

Job Benefits (if available): None

Job Bonus (if available):

Job Start Date: August-1-2013
Applications Due By: December-30-2013
Job Categories:
  • Other
Job Regions:
  • Southwest

Job Contact Information

Contact First Name: Jason
Contact Last Name: McAfee
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 620-604-1046

Employer Information

Employer Name & Website: Liberal USD 480 -
Employer Description:

In Southwest Kansas there is a growing city full of hospitality called Liberal and within that city is the caring and innovative USD #480 school district that is waiting to hear from you.  We invite you to read on and learn more about our city and our school district.

The city of Liberal got its name from a homesteader who “liberally” gave his water to parched visitors as they passed through the area.  This helpful and compassionate nature is still alive in Liberal today as demonstrated by USD #480’s vision and mission statement.  Our vision is “Inspiring students to achieve their potential” and “Unified School District #480 shares with our community the challenge of preparing and inspiring all students to be life long learners” is our mission.

USD #480 encompasses Seward County and includes 12 learning centers – 7 Elementary Schools, 2 Intermediate Schools, 2 Middle Schools, and 1 High School.  Knowing that each person learns differently, we also offer an Alternative School and several After-School programs.  We have nearly 850 individuals caring for the education of our student body.  This includes approximately 398 teachers, 55% of which are ESL certified or are in the process of becoming so.  Our teachers use tools like PowerSchool, Thinking Maps, and the New Teacher Mentoring Program to fully develop our students’ minds.  USD #480 also embraces new technologies, such as Classroom Performance System (CPS), interactive white boards, document cameras, and mobile interactive white boards, bringing them into the classrooms to challenge and engage our students.  Communication tools like PowerSchool (where parents can check attendance and grades online), email, and separate websites for each school are used to keep the lines open between parents and teachers.  

At USD #480, we take great pride in caring for our students’ education but want to make sure our teachers are happy also.  So we offer district paid single Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan as well as other health plan options and 10 days of current/personal leave.  KPERS contributions are automatically deducted from your check so retirement is taken care of.  However, other retirement plans and savings options are available, such as a 403(b) and tax sheltered annuities, if desired.  Lastly, we offer American Fidelity Plans, Vision Plans, Dental Plans and Life Insurance Plans.  USD #480 was ranked 11th in the state of Kansas with beginning teacher’s salary and fringe benefits package and 13th in the state on a twenty year earnings analysis that looked at all Kansas Public Schools salary schedules.  As we said above, that homesteader’s generosity is still alive and well today.

Even more benefits stem from the community in the form of activities and recreation opportunities.  The city has 13 parks; a roller blade park; lighted baseball and softball fields; 3 golf courses with grass greens; tennis courts; a water park; several fitness centers and much more.  Also available are 38 churches representing 28 denominations.  There are several museums including Dorothy’s House, Coronado Museum, and the Liberal Mid-America Air Museum.  The Baker Arts Center has revolving exhibits from area artists and juried art shows that draw local and national participants.  Festivals take place throughout the year as well.  Pancake Day is a three day festival that culminates in an international competition with our friends in Olney, England.  Cinco De Mayo gives citizens a chance to celebrate the diversity of Liberal and festivities surround Dorothy’s House during Ozfest to celebrate The Wizard of Oz, as Liberal is the official home of Dorothy Gale.

With all the progression, compassion, and activities available, Liberal and USD #480 is a great place to be.  So if our vision and mission statements coincide with your own broad ideas about education; if you feel you could work and thrive with our schools, teachers, and tools; and if a supportive, innovative school district and a welcoming, compassionate community all appeal to you, please don’t hesitate to apply.  We hope to meet you soon!

USD #480

401 N. Kansas Ave.

P.O. Box 949

Liberal, KS 67901

Employer Address: 401 N. Kansas Ave.
PO Box 949
Liberal, Kansas

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