Information for Job: Teacher (0-5)

Job Title: Teacher (0-5)
Job Description:

JOB TITLE:                   Teacher (0-5)

STATUS:                      NON –EXEMPT

REPORTS TO:              Education Specialist

SUPERVISES:              Assistant Teacher


Statement of the job: A teacher will demonstrate knowledge of the theories of child growth and development, early childhood education and family support, understand the underlying philosophy of Head Start, promoting and supporting children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.  A teacher will also lead the teaching team in planning and implementing curriculum and assessment, providing individualized attention to the children in order to enhance their development of cognitive and language skills, establishing and maintaining an appropriate learning environment, with attention to standards of health, safety, organization and aesthetics.  A teacher will lead and model professionalism and teamwork within the teaching team and the agency by developing and maintaining supportive, professional relationships with children and their families to enhance parent education, communication, involvement and advocacy.   A teacher will share responsibility with Education Specialist of supervising and developing the classroom staff and managing the day-to-day operations in the classroom.

Duties of the job:

I. Curriculum  (1304.21)

  • Develop and implement weekly lesson plans based on the Head Start Performance Standards and the High Scope Curriculum Plan.
  • Assure that each individual child receives the learning experience and attention required to make progress toward Head Start of Shawnee Mission, Inc.’s goals for children.
  • Provide integrated learning experiences, which include activities that relate to the cognitive, physical, social/emotional and representational domains.
  • Assure that learning experiences are appropriate and relevant to children's interests and daily lives within the context of family, community and culture.
  • Implement IEP’s

II. Assessment   (1304.21)

  • Observe and document children's learning and development on an ongoing and consistent basis.
  • Lead teaching team discussions of observations to plan individual and group learning experiences.
  • Using the C.O.R., determine and report the level of learning and development of each child throughout the year.
  • Communicate concerns about a child’s development to appropriate staff and participate in the referral process.

III. Adult/Child Interactions (1304.21)

  • Interact with children, providing positive role models and guidance.
  • Establish and maintain respectful, responsive relationships with children.
  • Establish and follow a consistent appropriate daily routine. Assist children with their daily routine activities.
  • Participate in family style meal service.  Eat nutritionally prepared meals with the children as a curriculum activity, modeling good nutrition and proper social skills.
  • When working with infants and toddlers, act as primary caregiver to a number of children.
  • In a classroom for infants and toddlers, support Assistant Teachers in their role as primary caregivers.

IV. Environment (1304.21, 1304.22, 1304.53)

  • Prepare the physical environment, assuring that planned activities can occur effectively.
  • Maintain (or report needed maintenance of) indoor and outdoor classroom materials and equipment, assuring that they are available and in proper working order at all times.
  • Ensure that site-appropriate health, safety and sanitation guidelines are followed.
  • Create an environment that is positive and appealing to children and adults as described in the Curriculum Plan

V. Leadership and Management (1304.51, 1304.52)

  • Provide classroom-specific orientation for Teacher Assistants.
  • Assist Education Specialists in completing performance appraisals annually and 90-day appraisals for new hires.
  • Coach and mentor Teacher Assistants to support them in meeting work and professional development goals, to encourage positive performance and effort, and to address performance improvements needed.
  • Maintain applicable documentation to support all personnel-related activities.
  • Manage daily classroom activities in compliance with Performance Standards, State Licensing requirements and KQRIS Standards.
  • Complete all required paperwork assuring for accuracy and timeliness.
  • Participate in monthly classroom meetings with Education Specialists, Early Intervention Advocate and Family Support Advocate.
  • Incorporate information from training and guidance from supervisors, specialists, coordinators and consultants into practice to improve performance.

VI. Professional Development (1304.51, 1304.52)

  • Maintain certification and stay current with all requirements for Pediatric CPR and First Aid.
  • Participate in all required training and attend a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education/professional development annually.
  • Attend and participate in team, site and other required meetings.
  • Maintain documentation of all training and professional development activities in which the teacher participates and share information at team teaching meetings, teacher meetings or team staffings.

VII. Family Involvement and Support (1304.21, 1304.40,1304.50, 1304.51, 1304.52)

  • Encourage the involvement of families in the program and support the relationships between children and families.
  • Conduct and document parent/teacher conferences held at least two times per year and home visits held at least two times per year.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding children and families.
  • Engage in professional communications with families and appropriate staff to ensure support is provided to children and families.
  • Attend and participate in assigned family activities

VII. Other Duties

  • Lesson plans are complete and turned in to designated personnel on a timely basis.
  • Lesson plans indicate individualization and integration of all domains of learning.
  • All team teaching meetings documented, as measured by team meeting notes.
  • Weekly documentation of each child's progress maintained in OnlineCOR.
  • Teacher Curriculum, Environment, Assessment and Adult/child interaction functions are performed as evidenced by classroom observations.
  • Provide documentation to Education Specialists for Teacher Assistants performance appraisals completed within the required time limits, as measured by personnel files.
  • Generate documentation to support personnel actions, as measured by personnel files.
  • Continuing education requirements are met, as measured by Transcripts and Training Certificates
  • Training certificates are maintained by the employee and copy turned in to Education Specialist to be kept in personnel files.
  • Parent teacher conferences and home visits are completed or attempts to meet with families are documented
  • Families are included in planning and provided with information and materials that are appropriate as evidenced by goal sheets, monthly newsletters, and other forms of written communication.
  • Other duties as assigned

Required qualifications: A Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or related field required.  A minimum of an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education with one year experience working in a licensed classroom required. (Ages 0-3 for Infant/Toddler Rooms; Ages 3-5 for Preschool Rooms)  3-5 years experience working in a licensed classroom, preferred.


Head Start of Shawnee Mission - USD 512

Job Salary (if available):

Job Benefits (if available):

Job Bonus (if available):

Job Start Date: January-25-2013
Applications Due By: March-22-2013
Job Categories:
  • Early Childhood
Job Regions:
  • Statewide
  • KansasCityMetro

Job Contact Information

Contact First Name: Todd
Contact Last Name: Leonard
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 785-336-2727

Employer Information

Employer Name & Website: Head Start of Shawnee Mission -
Employer Description:

Employer Address: 8155 Santa Fe Drive

Overland Park, Kansas

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