Get Help with your Resume!
Resume Suggestions
Below is a list of essential information that should be included in your resume.
  1. Contact Information: Include your contact information at the beginning of your resume; including phone number, email address, and home mailing address.
  2. Licensure: List any teaching licenses or administrative licenses you may have; including the date it was initiated, the name of the endorsement, and grade levels covered by the license (ex. 2003 Elementary K-6)
  3. Professional Education: List any degrees received; including date completed (conferred), type of degree, university or college, subject matter (ex. May 2004, Bachelor of Science, State College, Science Education)
  4. Education Experience: List any teaching or administrative experiences you may have; including dates employed, employer, job title, and grade level (ex. 2001 - 2002, Smith School District, Physical Education Teacher, 7-12)
  5. Related Experience: List any other experiences that are worth noting in your resume such as coaching experience or sponsor experience.
  6. Honors and Activities: List any honors or activities that you have received or participated in either in college or during your career. These may include, but are not limited to, scholarships, recognition awards, participation in committees, etc.
  7. Professional Memberships: List any organizations that you are a member of which are related to your career.

Including a Resume as Part of KEEB
    If you would like to copy and paste your resume into the application itself you can, by highlighting the text in your resume file, copy the text, and paste into the textbox labeled "Resume" and "Cover Letter" respectively in the KEEB application profile.

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